According to the different application scenario, user group and usage habits, smart watches usually are divided into several type: Business Assistant, Sports and Fitness, Fashionable smart watches, HomeConnect, Children Guarding, Elderly Healthy Monitor, On-site Task Assistant and Military operations Assistant and other industrial fields.

Based on M200/M200S Wearable Chipset,Customized Android OS,the Ingenic Watch Open Platform provide differentiated ref-design, according to the different requirements, to meet the demand of fast customization and delivery. It is adopted in many portable/ handheld/wearable, low power consumption requirement, Android based Smart devices.

Now, Ingenic, along with ODM partner, are providing 3 solutions for different orientation

  1. I8 : General & Intelligent  
  2. A2 : Sports & Fitness
  3. A6 : Fashion & Horologe